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5 Top Tips for Knife Safety

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen21 April 2017

You’ll discover that prepping the Sunday roast is swift and to the point when you know how to handle a knife. And it’s never too late to learn. Here are our top tips for cutting your veg down to size and taking care of your knives.

1. Use the right knife for the job

Investing in, and looking after, a couple of sharp knives that are fit for purpose (e.g. a cook’s knife and paring knife) is worth more than a drawer full of dull blades.

2. Pick the right technique

There are lots of ways to chop vegetables and herbs so be ready to roll (or chiffonade, julienne, slice and dice). You'll waste less and your finished dish will be more attractive.

3. Keep your knives sharp

Honing your carving knife across a steel before you dismember the Sunday roast looks impressive but achieves little. Much better to use a whetstone that will keep knives razor sharp without damaging the blades.

4. Good knife skills save you time

Using a dull knife is frustrating and dangerous. The extra pressure required to cut through a hard vegetable, for example, can make your knife slip, resulting in a nicked finger or worse.

5. Know when not to use a knife

To peel a knobbly ginger root, try using the tip of a teaspoon and watch the skin glide off leaving the ginger flesh intact.



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