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Cooking Classes

Learning new cooking skills or giving a gastronomic treat couldn't be easier. Take your pick from our wide selection of cooking experiences and cooking classes. Book a date or purchase a gift voucher.

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Michel Roux Jr Premier Experience

Discover what it takes to be a 2-star Michelin chef and why Michel Roux Jr's passion for cooking remains undimmed after a lifetime in the kitchen. An unmissable experience for enthusiastic cooks of all abilities.

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Thomasina Miers Cookery Masterclass

Experience the very best in contemporary cooking this summer in our forthcoming masterclass with Thomasina Miers. Expand your kitchen repertoire, deepen your knowledge and be reinspired. You've read her recipe books and Guardian column, now spend the day cooking alongside her.

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Cooking the Roux Way

Spend the day with rising stars of Albert and Michel Roux Jr's restaurants, Steve Groves, Chris King, Rachel Humphrey and Toby Stuart. Cooking seasonal menus master new skills and techniques and get a taste of the professional kitchen. These fun, practical, hands-on cooking classes are the perfect treat for the keen amateur chef.

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Bread - The Roux Way

For Michel, home-made bread is always worth the effort. From soda bread to sourdough and enriched doughs our full-day bread making course teaches you all the skills you need to bake authentically in a domestic oven. Covering starters, yeast, gluten and ancient grains and kneading, proving and baking.

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Pastry - The Roux Way

Master the essential skills and techniques to make perfect rough puff pastry. Loved by Michel Roux Jr for its endless versatility, rough puff is the ideal base for both simple and elaborate creations, and for a myriad of savoury and sweet toppings from Pissaladière to frangipane.

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Stocks & Sauces - The Roux Way

Sauce and stocks are demystified in this full day class with Roux Executive Chef Toby Stuart or French Executive Chef Didier Quémener. Your chef will teach you the essential techniques and key recipes you need to make successful stocks, sauces, jus and reductions with confidence - the Roux Way.

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Patisserie - The Roux Way

Learn how to make decorative and delicious seasonal French fruit tarts. Master the techniques for mixing, rolling and blind baking perfect pâte sucrée (sweet pastry) and making a selection of classic fillings and finishes (including French meringue and a fruit glaze) to complete your tarts with style and polish.

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Knife Skills - The Roux Way

Handle a knife with confidence. Slice, dice, peel and chop fruit, vegetables and herbs swiftly and efficiently. Designed by Michel Roux Jr, in association with Global Knives, this course shows you the right way to choose, use, sharpen and store a knife.

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Suppermelier- food pairing & wine tasting

Join Sunday Brunch wine expert Raul Diaz and Roux Executive chef Toby Stuart for Suppermelier at Cactus Kitchens, a wine tasting and food pairing experience. At Suppermelier the food is chosen to match the wine, not the other way round. During the relaxed evening they'll uncork the secrets to matching superb wines with delicious food cooked by Toby.

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