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Corporate Cookery Classes for Team Building - Large Groups

For large groups (over 22 people) and organisations Roux on the Road brings the Cactus Kitchens experience to you. Fun, fast and furious, Roux on the Road delivers a taste of a high-end restaurant kitchen - its pressures and rewards. A great way to break down barriers to successful team building at conventions or corporate offsite events.



We'll transform your conference room or event space into a pop-up kitchen complete with cooking equipment, aprons and all the ingredients to give your team a 4-hour workout. 

Now discover how your team functions when the heat's turned up in the kitchen. Break or bond, look forward to surprising insights, endless resourcefulness and generous helpings of merriment when you swap spreadsheets for baking sheets and the boardroom for a chopping board. And when there are so many cooks stirring the pot we'll help you find the recipe for cooperation and communication.



Rise to the Roux Baking Challenge

Own up to your competitive streak along with your hands-on management skills prepping brioche dough and chocolate truffles. Discover the best baker in your office and find out what happens when the sales department goes head to head with HR to impress the judges with their talent and creativity. Big on laughs and delicious treats the Roux Baking Challenge is designed to knead teams into shape. And after this culinary workout, you’ll always be ready to roll.



  • Hannah from The Wellcome Collection's Review of Team Building at Cactus Kitchens " Please pass on our many thanks again to Millie who was absolutely wonderful. I’ve heard very positive things from everyone that I have spoken to so I think it was a real success. "

Crack eggs (and problems) with the Roux Restaurant Challenge

Logistics and just-in-time delivery take on a new meaning when you are in charge of several pans full of poaching eggs or keeping tabs on a chicken fricassee for a crowd in the Roux Restaurant Challenge. Teamwork, time management and communication skills will all come in for a grilling in this fast moving and entertaining exercise.


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