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Top 5 Ways to use up Christmas Leftovers

Harriet Worthington21 December 2016

For me, the best part of Christmas is the leftovers. You can keep your Christmas films, your bacon trifles and your pigs in blankets, the real Christmas joy comes from eyeing up the fridge filled with the remnants of the festive feast.

My creativity is often proportional to the amount of Quality Street I have consumed, ranging from the labor of love: Christmas risotto to the minimal effort needed to make a leftover cheeseboard toastie. With 2016 being the year we declared a War on Waste, I am even more determined to use up every last cling filmed morsel lurking in the back of the fridge. With the lid firmly on the chocolates, these are the five dishes I’m most looking forward to using my leftovers for...

Sweet potato & sprout hash with poached eggs

We're mad about these organic Brussels sprout stalks! They stay fresher for longer when they're on the stalk AND make a quirky green centre piece if you keep them in a vase of water. Move over Christmas tree, why not decorate your sprout stalk on the lead up to the big day. Click link in bio & search SPROUT STALK to get these babies delivered before xmas. #sproutstalk #sprouts #brusselssprouts #festive #eatorganic #organic #sproutssproutssprouts #feast #locallygrown #eatlocal #supportlocal

A photo posted by Farmdrop (@farmdrop) on Dec 17, 2016 at 7:36am PST

Sprouts are so much more than the small green stink bombs my school Christmas lunch led me to believe they were. Utilise any leftover sprouts in this delicious hash that helps restore some balance after the heavy indulgence of the Big Day. 


Leftover turkey ‘Carnitas’

Good friends, good food, good libations. #graciasgiving #turkeytamales #turkeycarnitas

A photo posted by Mike Palmer (@pimpdaddypalmerlarge) on Nov 25, 2016 at 4:33pm PST

I was introduced to Carnitas by an American friend who was appalled by the British lack of knowledge about Mexican food and their subsequent love of Old El Paso. The filling is usually made from pork shoulder but turkey is a worthy substitute. 


Cheeseboard macaroni with spicy crumb topping

Nothing says love & friendship like soft, oozing cheese and warm, crispy bread. Supply your nearest and dearest with a unique and irresistible Cheese Posties subscription this Christmas from just £4.95. 🎄 With 30+ incredible flavour combinations and everything included in the box (even a toaster friendly bag to cook it in) all they need is a knife, a toaster and a mouth! 😋 The perfect gift for any foodie this Christmas. 🧀 Link in bio 🔗

A photo posted by Cheese Posties (@cheeseposties) on Dec 13, 2016 at 6:43am PST

If there were a prize for biggest Christmas cheese panic buyers, my parents would take the paper crown. We are inevitably left with a fridge full of cheese that is idly picked at for several months post December 25th. It is comfort food at its finest, pleasing the pickiest of eaters.


Michel Roux Jr’s cheese & ham pie

If you’ve got a roll of puff pastry hiding in the freezer, this is an easy way to use it up along with any sliced ham that may be left. It’s a fantastic addition to a buffet table or even as a main course alongside a big green salad.


Toby Stuart’s Christmas pudding parfait

Even those with the best intentions (and stretchiest pants) fall short of finishing Christmas pudding. Wrapped in tinfoil and forgotten about, sometimes the Christmas pudding grows its own eco system in our fridge before being binned sometime in March. This parfait can be made and frozen until it’s needed, a perfect make-ahead dessert if you’re planning on entertaining post-Christmas.