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Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen31 March 2017

For Tom Gilliford baking is an agent for change.

The GBBO is a national institution beloved of millions and responsible for triggering an epidemic of cake making that is credited with booming sales of bakeware, increased levels of happiness and even with improving mental health. Innovation consultant and 2016 Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Gilliford believes that baking can also deliver tangible benefits to the workplace and expand your business’s bottom line.

Tom began his career in education and is passionate about helping companies develop their creative skills and capacities. Before his turn on the BBC he worked as a Project Engagement Manager at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

Through his work as an innovation consultant he’s helped a broad range of clients, from non-profits including IDEO’s The Teachers Guild to global banks, such as Société Générale, unearth talent and unleash creativity.

Why can't I find any pictures of us being normal during #GBBO ? . . . . . . #GBBOfinal #bakers #baking

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So if you thought biscuits were just for dunking, think again… Tom is teaming up with Cactus Kitchens to offer a series of learning & development workshops entitled Recipes for Creativity.

Tom’s entertaining workshops will challenge teams to take risks, learn from failure (failing forward), test ideas, and step outside their silos to bring about creative change and boost productivity in the workplace. Tom is an expert at helping organisations large and small develop that most valuable and illusive commodity – creativity - through the benign but highly productive medium of baking.

His experience as a teacher has convinced Tom that schools far from encouraging creativity, stifle it and that a focus on exams undermines the value and purpose of education. In a rapidly changing economy, creativity and innovation have never been more necessary. And it is never too late to disrupt established ways of thinking.

Tom sees value in disruption and also finds baking a creative way of articulating some of his strongly held beliefs (probably by making them so easily digestible).

I've decided the only sensible response to #article50 and #Brexit is to eat my feelings . . . . . #politics #baking #discomfortfood #cookies #biscuit #europe

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Tom spoke at last year's CoInnovate 2017 conference; a two-day flagship event bringing the world's leading innovators together in a spirit of collaboration and will be speaking at EduChange in Melbourne, Australia in September.

For more information on Recipes for Creativity workshops contact Hannah Birch on 020 7091 4963 or email