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Cooking the Emily Roux Way

Cactus Kitchens23 November 2017

Join Emily Roux for her debut masterclasses at Cactus Kitchens. The name Roux needs little introduction, but Emily’s fresh and original style of cooking is entirely her own.

In this full-day class, you’ll be cooking three seasonal dishes based on recipes from Emily’s new book New French Table, co-authored with her mother, Giselle.

Emily brings a light touch and her own confident and contemporary take on classic French food, repurposed for modern living. Emily will share her ideas on simple to prepare dishes for everyday eating to more complex and elaborate fare for family feasting and special occasions. Enjoy a menu shaped by Emily’s heritage, training and travels.

Emily and two assistants will be on hand to guide you throughout the day. But it's not all hard work. Pause from cooking to enjoy each dish on your menu, paired with expertly chosen wines. Emily will join you for a glass of wine in our dining room at the end of the day. Take home the recipes and skills to replicate Emily’s dishes in your own kitchen and the confidence to experiment with new ingredients.

23rd November

7th December