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5 Ways to Use Edible Flowers

Harriet Worthington28 September 2016

The first time I was served a plate adorned with flowers, I thought it was some kind of grave mistake. Flowers were for celebrations, heartfelt apologies, table centrepieces and occasionally a self-indulgent splurge. But for eating? I didn’t think so.

It wasn’t until I was approaching the end of my diploma at Leiths School of Food & Wine that my botanical nemesis and I met again. After two terms of cementing the basics (I could now perfectly boil an egg, produce a soufflé on command and joint a chicken with my eyes closed) our third and final term was spent teaching us how to plate and dress our food in a way that elevated it from fine to fancy. My trepidation slowly melted away as I learnt how edible flowers could add extra colour, texture and taste to most dishes – savoury or sweet.

I was surprised to find out that most of the flowers growing in our gardens are edible (as long as said garden is pesticide and dog free. I'm not sure the taste of ammonia adds anything to a dish). The Adam & Eve pub situated in Homerton have their own gardens that not only produce fresh vegetables and herbs for their diners, but also seasonal and unusual edible flowers used to garnish their plates.

At Cactus Kitchens we lack the space for our own gardens. We are instead limited to window sills, our four tiny cacti plants precariously balanced on three inches of ledge. With edible flowers becoming increasingly more popular, if you are lacking in space they are getting increasingly easier to get hold off. Previously, a trip to the local gardening centre may have been required but instead a quick internet search returns many online stockists. With nearly all of our chefs requesting edible flowers for their Cooking The Roux Way classes we use Nurtured In Norfolk, a business started by two ex-chefs who turned their burnt fingers into green fingers and started a nursery specialising in micro herbs, edible flowers and micro vegetables.

If you're still struggling for ideas, here are five ways we have used edible flowers at Cactus Kitchens:

1. Breakfast

Zespri Sungold kiwi Smoothie bowls with pansies.


2. Canapés

Broad bean, pea & pecorino crostini with garlic flowers.


3. Fish

Steve Groves' marinated prawns with tomato, coriander, sauce vierge with cucumber flowers

4. Meat

Chris King's fricassee of farmhouse chicken with baby spring vegetables and chive flowers.

5. Dessert

Bridget Colvin's mini fruit tarts with pansies.


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