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All the latest views, insights and table talk from our kitchen.

Top 5 Recipes for Cooking with Kids

Harriet Worthington 15 February 2017

My first foray into cooking aged 9 involved Mary Berry’s ‘The Complete AGA Cookbook’ and a very patient mother. I picked meringues, transfixed by their snowy white mountainous peaks. I held court by the AGA door, tea towel in hand waiting patiently for my sweet treats to be done. They were more Glastonbury Tor than Everest, but I was proud of what I had achieved and even prouder to present my family with an Eton Mess made with my own two hands (as well as a pair of helping ones).

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Put it on your plate: seasonal recipes for February

Harriet Worthington 08 February 2017

As a country, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. There is no ingredient we can’t get our hands on at the click of a mouse or a short stroll down the road. More than half our food is sourced from abroad, supermarkets stuffed with the colours of the rainbow all year round. We can feast on Spanish strawberries in December and tomatoes from the Canary Islands in January. Our disregard for the British growing seasons has manifested itself in our pitiful knowledge of seasonal food – in a survey conducted by BBC Good Food Magazine, 90% of respondents couldn’t answer correctly when rhubarb, gooseberries, blackberries were in season.

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Tried & Tested: Vegetable Swap

Harriet Worthington 01 February 2017

My house is a treasure trove of cookbooks, food magazines and recipes torn hastily from the pages of newspapers. They spill out of every nook and cranny, a smorgasbord of recipes for every occasion.  Well loved, the pages stick together with kitchen remnants; splodges of sauce and cake batter. They tell tales of cooking triumphs and baking disasters, heavily annotated with modifications and notes to my future self.

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The Rouxte Less Travelled

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 30 January 2017

The endlessly dreary days of January have turned our thoughts to travel. For all of us at Cactus Kitchens, the edible treats to be found at our holiday destination are quite as important as the weather and the scenery. Knowing that you can take the chef out of the kitchen, but you can’t take a chef far from good grub for long, we asked some of our favourite cooks where to take a foodie break.

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Five Top Tips for Knife Care

Harriet Worthington 17 January 2017

Growing up, kitchen knives were used for all manner of things: opening parcels, shearing through shoelaces and prying open stuck drawers, to name but a few. Stuck over the AGA on a magnetic strip, they would be ripped off time and time again to assist in a task that never once included a vegetable.

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Our Roux Year's Manifesto

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 11 January 2017

Happy New Year. We’ve returned to the kitchen full of good intentions. With Christmas feasting a distant memory, January is a good time to take stock of what we’re eating and how we eat it. We want to take a fresh look at familiar ingredients and flavours and to experiment with new foods and techniques with the goal of cooking better, eating more thoughtfully, and wasting less in 2017.

This year we’re going to continue investing in our culinary skills to cook with greater confidence and awareness and to make mealtimes a pleasure not a chore.

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Top 5 Ways to use up Christmas Leftovers

Harriet Worthington 21 December 2016

For me, the best part of Christmas is the leftovers. You can keep your Christmas films, your bacon trifles and your pigs in blankets, the real Christmas joy comes from eyeing up the fridge filled with the remnants of the festive feast.

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5 Top Tips for Preparing Christmas Lunch

Harriet Worthington 15 December 2016

Without fail there comes a point on Christmas Day where my family realise with a jolt that we probably should have started preparing Christmas lunch three days ago. The carrots remain unpeeled, the ingredients for the stuffing are lost under a mountain of mince pies or Quality Street and someone’s forgotten to take the turkey out of the fridge.

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Top 5 Canape Recipes

Harriet Worthington 07 December 2016

The problem with canapés is that it's very difficult to stop at one. They are designed to tempt; I file them under ‘I’ for irresistible, alongside Pringles, sourdough toast and pistachio gelato. At a canapé party, you'll find me shadowing the waiting staff ready to pounce on a tray of arancini or other alluring morsels. 



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Kitchen Confidential: Toby Stuart for Chez Roux

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 02 December 2016

Roux Executive Chef, Toby Stuart has been in Scotland supervising the prep for Christmas dinner at Albert and Michel Roux’s restaurants at Inverlochy Castle and Cromlix. While every family has its own idiosyncrasies that make the Christmas feast peculiarly their own, professional chefs, however illustrious, deviate from tradition at their peril.

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