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When Doing Good is a Piece of Cake

23 May 2017

The Luminary bakery in Hackney is transforming disadvantaged women’s lives with cake and an impressive training and support programme. Ahead of our June Bread - The Roux Way classes in partnership with the bakery, on Sunday 11th & 18th for London Food Month, Cactus Kitchens went to find out how baking is making a difference.

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Cactus Kitchens Celebrates London Food Month

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 04 May 2017

June is London Evening Standard Food Month, a celebration of the city’s culinary diversity and endless edible delights. Events are taking place all over the capital, including here at Cactus Kitchens. Find out more about our series of special events for the inaugural festival.

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Learn How to Cook the Perfect Steak at Cactus Kitchens

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 02 May 2017

Join us for our latest addition to our course line up; Steak: Butchery & Cookery with Moen & Sons Butchers and Gemma Stoddart.

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5 Top Tips for Knife Safety

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 21 April 2017

You’ll discover that prepping the Sunday roast is swift and to the point when you know how to handle a knife. And it’s never too late to learn. Here are our top tips for cutting your veg down to size and taking care of your knives.

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Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 31 March 2017

For Tom Gilliford baking is an agent for change.

The GBBO is a national institution beloved of millions and responsible for triggering an epidemic of cake making that is credited with booming sales of bakeware, increased levels of happiness and even with improving mental health. Innovation consultant and 2016 Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Gilliford believes that baking can also deliver tangible benefits to the workplace and expand your business’s bottom line.

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When Rosie Met Raul

Rosie Jones 28 March 2017

Ahead of the launch of Suppermelier, our new supper club for wine lovers, co-host Raul Diaz, Sunday Brunch wine expert and Wine Training founder talked to our rookie sommelier, Rosie Jones about trends in the trade, food and wine pairing and getting started in wine.

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A Supper Club for wine lovers

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 17 March 2017

Join Sunday Brunch wine expert, sommelier Raul Diaz and Roux Executive chef Toby Stuart for Suppermelier, our second round of a new supper club for wine lovers at Cactus Kitchens on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd June and Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th July.

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Kitchen Confidential: Having a butchers at M. Moen & Sons

Harriet Worthington 15 March 2017

The bright blue shop front of M.Moen & Sons, is a familiar sight for the early risers amongst the Cactus Kitchens team who venture to the butchers at the crack of dawn to collect the meat for the day's cookery class. Founded in 1971 by Maurice Moen, the shop originated in South Norwood before moving to Clapham Old Town in 1978 where Garry, Maurice’s son, took over the reins. The shop not only sells a huge variety of meat but also stocks cheese and a range of deli foodstuffs. 

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Kitchen Confidential: Rachel Humphrey on Women in the Kitchen

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 08 March 2017

When Rachel Humphrey was appointed head chef at Le Gavroche in 2008, aged 29 she was the first female to assume the role in the restaurant's history. This International Women’s Day, as we celebrate Rachel’s remarkable achievements we wonder why there are not more women in the kitchen.

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Our Favourite Hidden Restaurants

Harriet Worthington 08 March 2017

In tribute to Channel 4's series 'Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr' we asked the Cactus Kitchens' team for their ‘hidden’ recommendations around the country. Unlike the TV show, they didn’t need to be situated in the middle of an estuary or in a car park, we just asked that their recommendation be somewhere they genuinely enjoyed and out of the ordinary.

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