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A Source of Roux Ideas

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 23 November 2017

Big, bold flavours, family food tales and her own unique take on classic French food are all on the menu Cooking - the Emily Roux Way this autumn. She may be the new kid on the chopping block at Cactus Kitchens but Emily Roux already has a wealth of experience gained in kitchens from France to Japan.

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Cooking the Emily Roux Way

Cactus Kitchens 23 November 2017

Join Emily Roux for her debut masterclasses at Cactus Kitchens. The name Roux needs little introduction, but Emily’s fresh and original style of cooking is entirely her own.

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Celebrate London Restaurant Festival

26 October 2017

For this year’s London Restaurant Festival, Cactus Kitchens have teamed up with Head Chef of Roux at Parliament Square and MasterChef: The Professionals winner Steve Groves to deliver two exclusive experiences. Introducing Restaurant Recipes.

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Millie's Hong Kong Food Diary

Millie Simpson 13 October 2017

The benefit of having siblings that live abroad is that you have to take a holiday in order to visit them. I am especially lucky in that my brother lives in Tokyo and my sister in Hong Kong. These are not only incredible cities but they are destinations that I might otherwise not have discovered had they not been home to my nearest and dearest.

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Growing in Tune with Nature for Common Good

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 07 July 2017

There’s something about flowers and vegetables popping up in unexpected places that lift the spirits and bring smiles to people’s faces. Find out what happened when Cactus Kitchens went to cultivate a growing relationship with our neighbours Bandstand Beds, a community vegetable garden, on Clapham Common.

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Gemma Stoddart's Top 5 Steak Tips

Gemma Stoddart 08 June 2017

We asked Gemma Stoddart, host of our Steak: Butchery and Cookery class for her top tips on how to cook the perfect steak. A good steak should speak for itself so Gemma’s advice is to keep things simple for a real fast food supper.

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When Doing Good is a Piece of Cake

23 May 2017

The Luminary bakery in Hackney is transforming disadvantaged women’s lives with cake and an impressive training and support programme. Ahead of our June Bread - The Roux Way classes in partnership with the bakery, on Sunday 11th & 18th for London Food Month, Cactus Kitchens went to find out how baking is making a difference.

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Cactus Kitchens Celebrates London Food Month

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 04 May 2017

June is London Evening Standard Food Month, a celebration of the city’s culinary diversity and endless edible delights. Events are taking place all over the capital, including here at Cactus Kitchens. Find out more about our series of special events for the inaugural festival.

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Learn How to Cook the Perfect Steak at Cactus Kitchens

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 02 May 2017

Join us for our latest addition to our course line up; Steak: Butchery & Cookery with Moen & Sons Butchers and Gemma Stoddart.

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5 Top Tips for Knife Safety

Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen 21 April 2017

You’ll discover that prepping the Sunday roast is swift and to the point when you know how to handle a knife. And it’s never too late to learn. Here are our top tips for cutting your veg down to size and taking care of your knives.

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